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Job and Career Resources

So you bought your posters, your furniture, your books, and your UCSB sweatshirt, but you don't have any money left to buy food. You are in a financial crisis and there is only one option left open to you: get a job. Here is a list of job sources on campus. The rest is up to you.

If you would enjoy sharing information about the University with students and their parents, Admissions offers excellent opportunities. Volunteer "Gaucho Guides" give campus tours to nearly 40,000 UCSB visitors each year. Paid interns and work-study students provide reception assistance, advise newly admitted students, speak on student panels at admissions programs, and perform clerical and data entry jobs. Located at SAASB 1102.

Alumni Family Vacation Center
During the academic year employment opportunities are available in the office for students.  Full-time summer employment is available through the UCSB Alumni Association's Family Vacation Center.

Arts & Lectures
Arts & Lectures employs about 50 students per quarter, including theater ushers, house managers, and marketing, publicity, and clerical assistants. Most jobs are work-study positions. A&L also welcomes volunteer ushers. Located in Building 402.

Associated Students (A.S.)
A.S. employs many students at all A.S. services, offices, and student programs. Information is available at the A.S. Main Office, University Center 1523.

Children's Centers - Orfalea Family Children's Center & University Children's Center
The Children's Centers employs over 150 UCSB students as teacher assistants each year. Students are trained to work closely with classroom teachers to provide quality care for infant, toddler and preschool children.

Community Service Organization (CSO)
CSOs serve as a positive link between students and the UCSB Police Department. CSOs provide a night-time escort service, assist in emergency situations, and maintain a bike education and safety program. CSOs also provide security for special events such as athletic games and concerts. Located in the Public Safety Building.

Early Academic Outreach (EAO)
Early Academic Outreach provides pre-college preparation and assistance to middle and high school students and their parents in selected schools in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Kern counties. For more information about EAOP or student job opportunities, visit the Early Academic Outreach Program at Student Affairs and Administrative Services Building 1201.

Facilities Management
Student positions available include office assistants, computer technicians, and recycling coordinators.

Faculty Club
The Faculty Club, a fine dining restaurant located on the lagoon next to San Rafael Residence Hall, has several job opportunities for students: lunch and catering wait staff, dining room hosts, front office receptionists, and bartenders. Applications are available at The Faculty Club.

Instructional Computing (IC)

IC employs over 60 students each quarter as computer consultants, receptionists, and lab maintenance personnel. IC is always looking for qualified personnel and continually accepts applications.

Intercollegiate Athletics
The Athletic Department employs UCSB students to serve as event staff, ticket sellers, and ticket takers for UCSB Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, and Softball games. UCSB students are admitted free to the regular season ICA games.

Isla Vista Recreation & Park District
Isla Vista Recreation & Park District is part of the UCSB Work-Study Program. Positions include: Clerical Assistant; Recreation Leader; Maintenance Worker; and Janitor. Descriptions of the positions are listed on the UCSB Financial Aid Work-Study website. Located at 961 Embarcadero Del Mar.

The Davidson Library is one of UCSB's largest student employers. Ten different departments employ approximately 300 students, of whom 10 percent are on work-study. The Davidson Library is particularly interested in students with computer skills or a knowledge of languages or bibliographic services. Located in Davidson Library, Room 3593-P.

Recreational/Intramural Sports
If you enjoy sports and also want to improve your management, organization and leadership skills, there may be a job for you at Recreational Sports. Students are employed in a variety of jobs such as gym/field supervisors, referees, trip leaders, publicity/marketing representatives, artists, photographers and sport coordinators.

Orientation Programs
Orientation Programs is looking for highly motivated individuals who are interested in working closely with new students and their parents during summer orientation. Staff members have the unique opportunity to serve as the first point of personal contact for most of the students who will enter UCSB each year.

R.A. and Summer R.A.
Resident Assistants (RAs) are live-in student staff who provide a vital link between the residence halls, the student residents, and the campus. RAs coordinate social and educational activities, promote an academic atmosphere and sense of community, and inform students of campus resources, services, and policies and procedures.

The Office of the Registrar employs students to assist in various student services, registration, and records-related activities by performing computer assisted clerical tasks. Positions in this department are work-study jobs. If you are interested please review the Financial Aid website for any available openings.

Student Personnel Program
The Housing and Residential Services Student Personnel Program is designed to provide jobs within the Department of Housing and Residential Services for students who live in University-owned facilities. During the school year, there are approximately 800 jobs available.

Student Media
Students with writing and/or photography skills are always needed for work on the Daily Nexus newspaper and the La Cumbre yearbook. Work-study positions are available in all media areas. Storke Communications Bldg.; Daily Nexus: Room 1035; KCSB: Room 1019; La Cumbre: Room 1053.

Summer Conference Jobs
Housing and Residential Services employs approximately 200 students each summer to assist with the Summer Conference Program. Positions available are: Assistant Conference Coordinators, Front Desk Managers, Guest Services Representatives, Materials Crew Manager and staff, technical staff, food service workers, catering staff, custodial staff, maintenance and grounds assistants as well as administrative and clerical.

University Center (UCen)
The UCen is the second largest source of on-campus jobs for students. The UCen Administration Office, the Bookstore, the UCen Business Center, the UCen Dining Services, ACCESS Photo Center and UCen Operations offer a variety of employment opportunities.

Vault Career Guides
Through Career Services you can access an entire database of information on careers, industries, and employers online. Vault contains over 80 downloadable guides on various professions, the same books which sell at bookstores for up to $30. It also contains snapshots of hundreds of companies and valuable career information. To access, log into GauchoLink at, then click on Vault in the Announcements box.

The Federal Work-Study Program is administered by the Financial Aid Office and supports the part-time employment of work-study recipients. To become a recipient, the student must apply for financial aid each academic year by the March 2 priority filing date and subsequently receive a financial aid "package" that includes a Work-Study award.

Work-Study and Community Service
We encourage Work-Study recipients to consider community service among their employment options.

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