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Co-curricular activities serve an important role in the quality of life at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Clubs and organizations offer opportunities to meet new people, develop leadership skills, integrate coursework with practical experiences, and gain a well-rounded education. There are over 400 active organizations at UCSB.

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Spotlight on Clubs

Here you will find a small sampling of some of the clubs you can join. Similar to Primo Profs, we believe that this selection of student clubs and organizations represents the quality, diversity, and enthusiasm of UC Santa Barbara students. 

Active Minds

Active Minds is an organization which appears on college campuses across America. It was founded by Alison Malmon who was inspired to fight mental health stigma after her brother committed suicide. She wanted to help people like her brother Brian, who suffer from mental health issues, not be afraid to get the help they need. Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder can and do affect everyone, even if it’s through a friend or family member. Young adults aged 18-24 have the highest prevalence of diagnosable forms of mental health disorders. This, along with the fact that suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students puts college campuses in great need of mental health awareness. One of the main goals of Active Minds is to fight the negative connotations surrounding mental health issues in order to make people more willing to get the help that they need. Active Minds is not a support group. The focus is creating awareness of campus resources, encouraging students to seek help and breaking down stigmas about mental health. Showing people their resources, fighting negative stigma, and increasing awareness bring us one step closer to helping students on campus to seek the help they need as casually as they would if they had a sinus infection. Get involved in Active Minds and help make a difference on campus! Look for Active Minds advertising or find contact information on Facebook at “Active Minds @ UCSB”.

Human Rights Group

Founded in the Spring of 2008, The Human Rights Group at UCSB works towards realizing global justice by fostering awareness of human rights issues and bringing international campaigns to the attention of our campus and the Santa Barbara community. The need to address major world issues at home is more relevant today than ever before, as we now have the capability to affect change not only locally, but across the globe. Our members take leadership roles on vital issues, working both individually and in collaboration with other campus groups and international organizations to help those in need. The Human Rights Group at UCSB aims to build a coalition with other relevant student organizations and create a viable network with the force and capacity to carry out multiple campaigns with unprecedented effect at UCSB.

Iaorana Te Otea

Iaorana Te Otea (which is Tahitian for "greetings from the drum beats") was founded in 1990 by a group of UCSB Students. Since then, we have celebrated the dynamic cultures of the Polynesian islands. Our club is multicultural and diverse with members from several different backgrounds and varying in experience. We welcome those who share a vested interest on learning about the Polynesian culture. Our purpose is to educate our community and ourselves, provide insight to those who are unfamiliar with Polynesian culture, and most of all, enjoy our music and dance.